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Resources & Articles > How do I pay for College Tuition?

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College tuition can be significant, and many people feel troubled by the amount theyĄŻll ultimately have to pay for a college education. In addition to the actual tuition to attend college, theyĄŻll have expenses like books, possible reduction in ability to work and self-support, and living expenses, particularly if a person needs to live in a dormitory. Tuition may go up too, if a person attends a college out of state, and they may add travel expenses and high long distance phone bills to their expected amount theyĄŻll need for college.

There are programs that can help meet some of the cost of college tuition, and these will vary depending upon country. In the US, there are many different state and federal grants, student loans, and private scholarships that can help the meet costs. Many students may also find they need to work at least part time to contribute to college expenses.

First, to lower overall college tuition costs, consider spending the first two years of college (freshman and sophomore year) at a local junior college. Junior and community colleges offer excellent education, and do so at a fraction of the cost of state or private colleges. For students just entering college, community colleges are a great way to cut down on living expenses, since many students can continue to live with parents or caregivers while they attend school. Those who want to pursue an Ivy League education should note that diplomas received from Ivy League schools will not reflect that the first two years of school took place at a JC. A degree from Yale is the same, regardless of whether a person spent freshman and sophomore year there, or joined the school in junior year.

People may also want to look at less expensive alternatives to the very well known Ivy League Schools. Attending state college instead of a private college may make sense to reduce college tuition. However, note that there are some breaks for people in low income ranges at certain private schools. They may have well-funded scholarships that people can apply for to mitigate tuition costs.

Most people who do not have college tuition savings will need to work to get a variety of private and public funding to attend college. People can apply for most government financial aid through the college financial aid department, and such requests usually need to be filed about six months in advance of attendance, or up to a full year before college attendance. These applications may serve as both grant and loan applications, and colleges or the financial aid department then makes a judgment of financial aid awards, based on cost of college, personal or parental income, and other factors.

Many colleges also have scholarship offices, and it is worth investigating these. They may have information about scholarships offered in general and those available for attending a specific school. Again, itĄŻs important to start speaking to colleges well in advance of attendance as scholarship applications can be due months before school begins.

There are programs that may apply to certain individuals. College tuition can be reduced or paid for, if people serve their government in some manner. Military service is one method by which many people are able to pay for tuition, up to a certain amount. If entering a profession desperate for workers, sometimes people can find private funding in agreement for serving in the profession later, though this a little rare.

Many students find they still must take loans, and amount of loans should be carefully considered, and especially based on earning potential after leaving college. DonĄŻt take out huge loans if future profession is likely not to pay much, since this could cause financially hardship for years. Working during college may be a way to reduce loan amounts, and pay for some college costs. Fortunately college campuses have many job opportunities for students and offer flexible hours of employment to accommodate student schedules.

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